Welcome to Hong Kong
Feng Shui Tour
In Feng Shui Tour, you can learn about the principles of this ancient philosophy and see how it has influenced the landscape of major commercial areas. The tour stops at Lung Cheung Road Lookout and show you the dragon’s den, or the place with the highest concentration of the dragon energy. And Nine Dragon’s wall in Wan Chai, the Feng Shui principle of suppressing negative influences on surroundings will be explored. Then go to Central District and standing at Statue Square to see the influences on notable landmark buildings as well as the energy that has propelled the district to become a leading financial centre in the world.
Hiking Tour
The real magic of Hong Kong’s stunning countryside is how close it is to the city. One minute you’re deep in a bamboo forest, the next minute tower blocks spring into view. Join our hiking tours and experience the green side of Hong Kong. Name of Tours : Deserted Beached Hike (Sai Kung East Country Park), Dragon’s Back Hike (Tai Tam and Shek O Country Parks), Lantau Island Hike (South Lantau Country Park), The Peak to Aberdeen (Pok Fu Lam Country Park and Lamma Island Hike etc.).
Tai Chi Lesson
Learn why millions of people around the world now practice this ancient exercise. Tai Chi helps restore balance to the yin and yang, nature’s ancient energy forces. This traditional practice remain one of the favorite forms of exercise in Hong Kong, especially among the older generation. Having discovered the benefits of Tai Chi, taking dim sum daily is a habit you will want to get into in Hong Kong.
Aqualuna Harbour Cruise Tour
Experience Hong Kong’s stunning skyline and magnificent harbour views on board Aqualuna, one of Hong Kong’s last remaining traditional red-sail Chinese junks. Aqualuna not only serves 45 minute Harbour Cruise, it also have another day cruises going to Stanley Village, Aberdeen, Cheung Chau Island or Joss House Bay. Call us for more details.
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